little joy

“Ppalli! Ppalli!” my dad urgently called out, jolting us from our half-asleep state. My older sister, younger brother, and I stirred, accustomed to abrupt awakenings, though this time tinged with concern. We awaited what might follow — perhaps a reprimand or a drunken lecture, not uncommon when our dad decided to rouse us. Fortunately, this time it… Continue reading little joy

Dream big

“Don’t go out there!” my older sister shouted. “Why not?” I sneered. “Because… they’re going to think you’re a prostitute!” she persisted. Rolling my eyes at her, I unlocked my parents’ beat-up Korean BBQ van and dashed out. Wanting some fresh air, I ran to the open part of the Circus Circus Parking complex. I… Continue reading Dream big

A Case for the Awkward (p.I)

Elmont  “Smile for me now—it will not work,” he said in a firm voice. This came from my silver-haired fox coworker in Elmont, NY. Most people have never heard of Elmont; it’s a border town of Queens, NY, and officially the start of Long Island, NY. I like to think of Long Island as the… Continue reading A Case for the Awkward (p.I)