Coffee Shop Blues 

All of my adult years that I’ve been alive I always thought it would be nice to own and run my coffee shop. I know not the most ambitious if my parents had a say in it. I romanticize the idea of waking in the morning making my first pot of coffee and taking that first sip of the dark beverage tamed by some cream and sugar. 

The purists will say it’s not a good cup if you’re adding sugar and milk. But hey this is my fantasy, not yours. Once the cup of joe gently wakes me I imagine myself turning on some chill tunes, turning on the oven, and starting to bake/make whatever my little heart desire, and everybody will love me for it and I become cafe famous.

But I know all too well the reel playing in my head is a farce and the reality of owning my own business (again) is going to be a 24-hour dumpster fire that I’ll need to put out now and again. And I ask myself will it be different this time, will I get to enjoy the benefits of owning my own business? What are the outcomes and what are the drawbacks of starting from fresh all over especially doing it all in my early forties (…okay mid-forties). 

My brain doesn’t work as fast as before, my body aches, and let’s face it in this day and age of social media if you don’t have the face/bod to sell your brand it’s… I mean… have you seen the marketing on the Kardashians lately? No Kim I can’t keep up! 

And then I think to myself what are the alternatives- someone on the other end reading this will yell- go get a job dummy. And I’ve tried and to anyone’s surprise, the list is long. Here is the list of jobs I’ve tried as a form of receipt. 

I’ve dipped my toes into the following roles meant for regular folks:

  1. Paraeducator/teachers assistant 
  2. A brief stint in outside sales (training phase only)
  3. Lyft driver (before the Pandemic)
  4. Photographer/photoshop specialist 
  5. Dog walker
  6. Lawn chair aficionado (to be fair, this was straight out of high school)

And the list could go on, but I won’t bore you with more. I’ve heard the average person will switch careers around 7 times in their lifetime. Well, I’ve surpassed that number, and despite whether my two previous businesses were deemed successful or not, they filled my cup with pride over my accomplishments. 

It’s a bit daunting to admit that I might be gearing up for yet another shot at a fresh start. At the moment, I don’t have any concrete plans in place, no location locked down, and not even a simple piece of paper stating my commitment to this endeavor. However, there’s a sense of urgency in my mind, like it’s already sprinting in the race, and now it’s time to translate that mental energy into tangible actions.

Hopefully more updates for the two people reading this. 



2 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Blues ”

  1. I love your honesty and I hope you get your coffee shop and it all works out. I love you and I’m sure it’s more than me and someone else reading this! ♥️

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