Inner girly girl

Most of my life I’ve been a tomboy, but on the inside, I’ve been and always have been a die-hard night cream-ing addict. It all started innocently enough; a young girl reads one too many Sassy, your Seventeen and there you have it. Some of the headlines read, “Don’t forget your sunscreen”, and “How to keep that youthful glow.” But, once I moved on from the Sassy to the Vogue, it was “Don’t forget your night cream” and “How to get rid of dark circles,” it’s a never ending cycle if you’re a woman of this planet. 

Endlessly looking for the next “cure-all” to fix all for my imperfections, at times I do look back and consider if my mother could have also instilled these ideas. My flaws were always part of my mom’s insecurities; I guess it was passed on to her from her mother. My mother and I share the same blemishes, freckles as the Westerners would view them. During my adolescent, she would look at me in a loving way and say “we” should have them removed.  Fortunately having grown up in Western culture, I quite liked my freckles. In fact, I was always proud of my freckles, and it made me feel unique, like Pippi-Longstocking.

But Pippi-Longstocking can’t help me now; I know who I am, and I’m okay with that, a cream addict that’s constantly on the hunt. That is until recently, I’ve come across something that’s been popping up on the web and publications, can you guess what it is? Collagen, well collagen powder to be more exact. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides are “short-chain amino acids that naturally bind and regenerate the collagen in your body. Areas that benefit from Collagen Peptides include your hair, nails, bones, skin, cartilage, and joints. Derived from pasture-raised collagen protein, these peptides are soluble in cold liquids as well as hot.”


I’ve only been on this for about a two week now but already see much improvements, enough so that I think I can downgrade my face cream. In just three days I’ve seen my smile lines fill in, no cream or fillers have ever done that, and trust me I’ve used everything.

**Here are some recent purchases:







And the list goes on, some of these products made my face feel a little bit hydrated, but they never got rid of lines on my face. Vital Proteins surprisingly does as it states, firming the skin, and reducing wrinkles. Not only did it improve my skin, but it also helps with my joints.

Maybe there is hope for me after all; I can honestly feel more comforted by the fact that I don’t need a miracle cream anymore. All these years I’ve been using the creams as an emotional crutch, if that makes sense, I know I’ll never live up to the standard of conventional beauty or that of my mother’s idea of beauty. But if I can let go the creams, maybe I can just learn to expect myself. The collagen, on the other hand, I’ll keep a hold on, it’s not just for beauty reason but also for the health benefits.  I’ll keep testing out the powder and see what other benefits come about since I’m only using it for two weeks now.