One Woman’s Travel Loo

It’s no secret I am scared of bears, rats and yes the occasional raccoons pretending to be bears. And it’s no secret of mine that I have the smallest bladder in the world, and it’s especially no help to me when it comes me fancying a drink. So it’s with my great regret that we’ve haven’t had many camping days in a couple of years because let’s face it ladies and some of you gentlemen out there, camping is not for all of us.

I like what’s call Glamping, as defined by Google, “it is the way to go if camping ain’t your thing… yet you love waking up in the great outdoors… you love a hike in the hills… you love getting out of the big city. With Glamping… your tent is replaced by a cedar cabin, or a safari tent with wooden risers.” Side note a personal toilet just steps away from you cozy room, if not within your safari tent, is my personal touch to my Glamping.

Buttermilk Falls State Park

And, yes I know bears don’t give a damn about me, and yes I know that we can camp out to the nearest bathroom, and I know there is no ghost out there. However, I have a very vivid imagination, a tiny bladder, and I don’t want to wake up my husband (dog in tow) to go to the loo 3 in the morning and once more for good measure at 5 am. Don’t judge; we’ve all got our issues, so after years of turmoil I’ve finally come up with a solution.

Watkins Glen State Park with WIKI

What does one Luggable Loo and one Giga Tent equal, you get yourself a nice one women attempt at a travel bathroom? It takes no time to set up and travels with you, and I don’t have to harass the husband or the dog for our unruly walks 3 in the morning. It’s vaguely charming if you grew up with a porcelain chamber pot. My grandmother had one, and it was for those late nights when you didn’t want to put on your shoes and fuss about in the dark, trying not to fall into the deep dark abyss.

My personal throne

Without getting too graphic, granny had an outdoor “bathroom” with a huge hole in the ground, yes Y’all that’s how we rolled back in the days. Just imagine all the fun things a young mind could and would conjure, as you would have guessed it I used the portable chamber pot with my eyes closed – literally. So the portable loo is comforting in some ways, and the only ghost I have to fear to haunt me is my grandmother, but if that were the case I’d welcome that any night.