Top 10 things I find my husband to be good for

There is always that stupid rom-com where a woman sees a bug, screams, calls for help and a man runs into the rescue. Well, I think we’re all a bit over those stereotypes where the woman “eekkkks” and the man comes out running with a bat in one hand and sandwich in another. Not to say that I’m not a lover of the romantic comedies (far from the truth), it’s just I think there also other things husbands can be good for.

for example


  1. “Liking” your stuff on social media, just as you need that pick me up- I know vain!
  2. Walking the dog when you’re too lazy, or picking up her poop – cuz poop.
  3. He’s always down for one more drink not making you feel like a booze hound.
  4. Getting the nerve to tell you when your really shit, cuz lets face it, we’ve all been there, especially me to my husband. I don’t know what it is when you are close to someone makes them for an easier target, I know no excuses. So Yeah, when my anger management is off the charts.
  5. Bringing me back to earth, when one too many of my plots to dominate the world are over the top. He is there to remind me that we have responsibilities, you know the boring stuff, mortgage, dog, work, and bills.
  6. He doesn’t mind waking up 3 in the morning to walk me to the campsite bathroom when I need to go.
  7. He lets me drive the car all the time, did I mention I have control issues along with my anger management. (oh man this list is starting to look like, problems Young needs to work on)
  8. He doesn’t mind that I forget our anniversary… well, to be honest, we’re both bad at that kind of stuff.
  9. He always lets me pick out the dim sum first, cause what’s marriage if a girl can’t get her shrimp dumping game on.
  10. Lastly, I do hate to admit, while I have no problems with bugs, however, bears and mice are somehow in the same realm. I will squeak in a New York minute if I see a mouse, as cute as they are. I just freak the fuck out, so if there ever is a time to kill cute little Mikey Mouse, well that is a job for my husband. So there still is little room for some stereotypes, I guess old habits die hard.