At it again

What’s got me blogging again you say, 11 years after our first adventure driving cross country from San Francisco Ca, to New York City, NY? As some readers may have remembered from 2005, Kenneth diligently blogged our whole trip, zigzagging the United States, from there we lived in Chinatown NY, now in Brooklyn. But in-between those years we’ve adopted a pit bull, gotten married, been through 2 layoffs (one for each of us) and a birth of a small business.
But the one adventure we both cherish the most is the Mongol Rally, where we (including Graham M.) traveled from London to Mongolia in an eco-friendly car that held less than a liter of gas at a time. Once we got back, I thought nothing can ever top that trip, and pretty much laid my traveling hat to rest.


It’s been well over two years now, and I’ve gotten bit once again by the travel bug, but this time I wanted to share all my personal experience along the way. Documenting helpful tips, tools, and besides, I like the idea of trying to keep up this aging body that of my younger years.

My dream is to finish a thru-hike on the west coast, called the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), PCT typically starts from the borderline of Mexico and San Diego and ends at the Canada and Washington State line. The trail is 2,650 miles and it takes about five months. The El Camino De Santiago (The Way of St. James) comes to mind, a 500 miles pilgrimage from France thru mostly trekking in Spain covering about 15 regions, ending at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. “The journey takes hikers over the Pyrenees Mountains, past vineyards, and through lush eucalyptus forests. UNESCO declared the trail a World Heritage Site; the European Union named the Camino its first European Cultural Route in 1987.”

Oh, and did mention, China, Vietnam, Bhutan, Africa, India, and China- come on people it’s the biggest country and most of it, undiscovered by travelers. So, here I am once again sharing my thoughts and ideas, similar to that of, Mongol Rally, and our cross country trip across the US. I guess I can’t help it, I’m a child of the 90’s and by god we are over-sharers.

Drop a note and let me know what you’re thoughts are, and thanks for reading.