the race is giving me nightmares

Everyone has to be sick of the presidential race; every day we see the same faces blazing through our social media feeds and television screens. So it’s no wondering everyone, and their moms want this race to be over with, and let’s face it before the debate everyone’s minds were made up before, and there was a little difference after.

Fatigued of Trump, I think I hit the wall when he came to me in my dreams. Yes, folks, it’s getting bad, and I wouldn’t think twice usually but this has legs, and it went something like this.

doodley do doodley do dissolve…
Trump is on the scene already, as I observe from the background, he intrigues me, especially because we are so close in proximity. He (Trump) is engaged with others trying to convince voters/onlookers to vote for him. Later, we take a walk, on the way to his house, all of sudden, I’m somehow informed that I’m his girlfriend.

Yes his girlfriend, I seem interested in figuring out how, and when we have established this in the dream. I go along with it, cause when will I ever be in this situation again?! We reach a white house like complex, not Trump Tower. Once we enter the house, I’m introduced to both his sons; the younger one seems nice, but the other one grabs my hands and pulls me in real close. He murmurs to me something inaudible; I try to decipher if its “take care of him” or something very racist. My fuzzy mind can’t make up my mind. I follow the Donald up the stairs they are grand, all made of marble, I’m impressed. However when I get to his room, I notice, he has no bed?! it seems as if his place of sleep is made of Tiger Print Mink Cashmere-Like Material, the type you would find in Mongolia or Asia. I’m not impressed.

The Donald is exhausted, as he tells me already lying down on the blanket and summons me to his bed with his tiny hands. Strange, I think cause his suit is still on him, but at last, I must break from his invitation and go for a refreshing bike ride. He doesn’t look disappointed, I guess he is fatigued, but he does add that I must avoid the wrong side of the area and only ride on the right side of the tracks.

I ponder this while outside of his grand house, and walk my bike toward a familiar supermarket, inside most of the items are Asian goods. I also see some familiar faces that also happens to be of Asian descent, at first they seem to talk about the products but once I get a little closer to say hello I overhear them talking about the Donald. They are saying fanciful words I can’t understand; I get frustrated at myself for not knowing these words. The experts were discussing how it’s not Trump’s fault for who he is, and that it’s his disorder. He can’t help being this way; this neurosis makes him act like a narcissist, and there’s nothing he or we can do about it.

As I woke from the fog, the thought of having sex with Trump in my dreams made me want to gag. I wasn’t sure if I should share this with anyone, but I feel that this race is getting weirder by the day and nothing is going to stop this train wreck. If you can’t win them join them as the saying goes, so if you too have strange dreams I’d love to hear them. I can’t be the only one having nightmares over this year’s election?!



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