Why I chose to run the Bay to Breakers for Justice in Motion

As the world becomes more globalized, it’s something we can not stop or should we try to. It’s here whether one likes it or not. I believe living in the United States gives us much privilege and power that most people around the world can not fathom. So it makes me think what can I do, how can I contribute to this world that is ever changing, evolving, and converging? So I got to thinking, I remember a friend and neighbor of mine had informed me about her non-profit, Justice in Motion a group that protects migrants rights across borders.

One might think well what does that have anything to do with me, and why should I even care? For one I know most of us care about people, even if they don’t think it affects them in their daily lives. If one takes a closer look into who picks the fruit from the orchards that provide for our daily nutrition, to the seasonal worker providing service in restaurants, to the person that cuts down that pine tree for Christmas, migrant lives affect us all. It’s all connected, we just don’t see it sometimes, and that is why I wanted to bring to the light of the unjust that has been going on for years.

For instance, “…Mexican farmworkers carrying up to 110 pounds of oranges around their necks were pressured to pick quickly. Guaranteed $9.96/hour, they ended up being paid by the satchel instead, earning less than promised and less than minimum wage. A lawsuit was filed in Florida on behalf of the exploited workers. The court required signatures within 15 days but many of the workers had already returned to Mexico. Undeterred by the dangers ahead, a Justice in Motion Defender drove for more than two hours into a remote and politically unstable region of Oaxaca to get a worker’s signature. Finding that heavy rains had washed away the road, she continued on foot for another 2 hours until she found the worker. The Defender’s efforts paid off. Damages were awarded to the plaintiffs and working conditions improved. The broader positive outcome was that these and other workers were empowered to speak out against disrespect and abuse.”


That is just one example of what’s been happening in the US/Canada for many years. But, there is still hope because of people like Cathleen Caron who started Justice in Motion. What this organization promises to do is “…reach out to over 40 organizations in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Justice in Motion provides ongoing training to the Defender Network equipping them with the knowledge they need to engage in this cross-border work. The training cover many topics such as human trafficking, employment rights, immigration, and recruitment fraud and abuse. Defenders use that knowledge to conduct community outreach and education, positioning themselves as a resource in their communities. They are trained by Justice in Motion to handle legal actions and engage in local policy advocacy on behalf of people from their communities migrating to the US and Canada.” http://justiceinmotion.org/

So let’s take a stand together for everyone’s rights, I thank you for taking the time to read this and know that every dollar donated to the Bay to Breakers run will be matched by me, so every single dollar is appreciated.

Please click here to donate – https://justiceinmotion.funraiser.us/


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